Transit Talk with the General Manager

General Information

General Manager will try and answer as many questions as possible during each one-hour chat session. Priority will be given to questions most relevant to the session topic and similar questions will be addressed with a single answer.

The question and answer section of the page (listed below the "Opening Remarks" box) will automatically refresh every 30 seconds, revealing the most recent question and answer.

"Transit Talk with the General Manager" is not the place to submit general customer service inquiries, such as requests for route and schedule information, trip planning, etc. Please see our Contact Us page for general information.

Submitting a Question

RT respects your privacy. Registration is not required to submit a question to "Transit Talk with the General Manager" and no personal information will be collected or released to outside companies for marketing purposes.

To submit a question up to two hours before a session begins, click on the session title under Scheduled Chat, type your question into the Submit a Question box and click the Submit Question button.

At the end of each chat, General Manager will post a message announcing the end of the session and questions will no longer be accepted.